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“To build a successful and dynamic company to provide quality marine services which best meet the needs of its customers.”

KGB Marine Pty Ltd

Directors: Mr Grant Streeter and Mrs Catherine Streeter.
KGB Marine Ltd is a new marine-services business in Broome established by a local Indigenous family with extensive experience in the marine field. The new company has been established in response to demand for marine services in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. Strong growth in production of and exploration for minerals, oil and gas has placed stress on the procurement of marine services in the region. At present there are no local operators providing off-shore support services to marine or remote coastal operators. Grant and Catherine Streeter (“the Principals”) identified a need for a local operator who could provide safe and reliable services to the major companies’ active in the region.
The business of KGB Marine is to provide marine support to companies that operate exploration facilities, and construct and operate production facilities in the oil and gas and offshore accessible mining industry as well as dredging and construction areas. The business includes but is not limited to, the provision of marine support by supplying quality vessels and experienced crew to support offshore marine operations. The strategy of the Company is to provide services of the highest quality to respond to the demands of major service users. This will enable the Company to secure and retain long-term contracts servicing oil and gas and the port expansion fields. The key demands of potential customers include reliability accountablility, safety and responsiveness, this is done through KGB Marine's Bureau of Veritas accredited Quality Management Systems to ensure safe and srricient service delivery along with successful risk management strategies. 
KGB Marine is set up to provide passenger, freight and escort support services for exploration, mining and dredging companies in the region. It will not be distracted from its customer needs by operating in non-related fields or geographic regions.
Past and present clients include port management companies, tugs and towage, coastal and port engineering/ dredging contractors, oil and gas support contractors and registered training organisations. In particular, KGB Marine is familiar with relevant and required standards of operating procedures attached to the offshore and ins(crew) transfers, seismic exploration, cultural/ heritage land access studies, environmental impact studies, platform process facility security as well as safety standby opportunities, suited to the client’s needs.
At all times, KGB Marine has a commitment to provide a close working relationship with our clients so as to provide reliable services to the highest standards in a timely and cost effective manner with a safe and professional work attitude..
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